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We Know What Works

PNWseo is an SEO company focused on driving online presence in the Pacific Northwest. Built by people in the PNW for people in the PNW. 

We know and understand that money is tight and you can’t just throw away marketing dollars on anything. We have a proven method to bring ROI to customers, and we want to help you grow your business. 

We believe that at the core of it, what it comes down to is really focusing on the goal-driven results of our customers. Nothing is outside of reach without the proper plan in place. 

When you work with us, we will help you drive your results by putting a focused, action and task driven plan in place, and you’ll see the results with our monthly reporting. We believe transparency is key, and we believe that while you shouldn’t have to be involved in what’s going on, you should be able to. 

Target All The Right Customers

Surely there’s no point in attracting the wrong customers? Why bring in traffic to your construction business for people online looking for an auto mechanic?

To generate the right kind of traffic, we look at the right kind of customer. From there, we’ll generate a plan to attract these potential clients.

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Once we bring in those attractive customers, we put all of our efforts into converting them. Do you know what customers are currently doing on your site? Do you know their next move? We analyze their trends and optimize for best conversions.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

We build a focused plan around bringing targeted, on point traffic to your site, converting them into calls, and letting you convert those calls into buyers. 

Our Services

You have a great service yourself. Now, you need to be seen. How do we do that? By leveraging a proven service that works for thousands of other businesses.

Search Engine Optimization

The overarching strategy is to get you more traffic to your website. We understand you work hard at your business, so you shouldn't have to work hard at your website.

Reputation Management

Generally speaking, most people only post negative reviews when they're upset, and hardly ever post a positive review. We use strategies to bolster your reputation to the levels you actually deserve.

Mobile and Responsive

Your website needs to be ready for mobile. Did you know that 85% of people looking for a local business do it from their phone? This means that most people won't ever see the desktop version of your website, so your site needs to be ready no matter what.

SEO Consulting

Not in need of monthly help, but just need a site audit and some advice? We would love to help.

Monthly Reporting

A clearly defined report, delivered monthly to your email on the status and progress toward your ultimate goals.

SEO Strategy

Working with your team, we will craft the perfect strategy of content, social media, and a combo of on and off-page SEO techniques to drive you to the top.

Let's Work Together!

Are you ready to see what we can accomplish together? Our goal is to help you grow your business and help develop your digital brand.

Agency Locations

Seattle, WA

Tacoma, WA

Portland, OR

Vancouver, Wa

Eugene, OR

Bend, OR

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